What is your vision for the community in 2013?


In one sentence or phrase, what is your vision for the community in 2013 (5 years from now)? Below are a few of the visions from the Strategic Planning Committee meeting of 7/10/08.

  • Charlotte has prepared for growth in advance.
  • Charlotte and Mecklenburg County will have a plan in effect to draw the community together and will become a true problem solver by 2013.
  • Citizens will become more diverse in activity and social life, because many more resources are available in the community and the Uptown.
  • Citizens will be more literate, be prepared for the best jobs in a changing economy, and be part of a model community that is diverse and thriving.
  • The Charlotte Region is recognized as one of the best places in the world to live, learn, work, and thrive!
  • One vision is to see additional light rail transporting a diverse population to Center City, UNCC and North Mecklenburg so citizens can easily experience all our community has to offer.
  • Our community will be open, welcoming and will work well for all residents.
  • Inclusive. Equitable. Accessible.
  • Engaging, strenghtening, and creating diverse learning communities in a wider world.

What is your vision? Please share it by posting a comment.


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One Response to “What is your vision for the community in 2013?”

  1. MCW Says:

    In one sentence, as requested… probably gonna come off jaded, but I think this is pretty much the way Charlotte is now, and by 2013, it’s sure to be that much worse, because absolutely no one is doing anything to change it:

    Charlotte will be known nationwide for its out of control growth in the face of a failing economy, traffic jams due to poor road design and increased crime rates in 2013.

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