Cherished or Valued Library Experiences


During the focus group meetings of the library’s strategic planning process, we asked participants to tell us about a library experience that is particularly valued or cherished, and to think about what the library can do everyday to create this kind of experience in every library location. Here are responses from the public focus group sessions at North County Regional Library (7/16/08, in Huntersville) and Freedom Regional Library (7/19/08, in Charlotte).

  • In particular at Mountain Island and Main Library, staff are interactive and more attentive to patron requests. Patrons are able to ask questions, staff will explain and make sure patron has everything they need. Many good experiences burning CDs in Virtual Village.
  • Freedom Regional Staff are professional and friendly. They will greet you as you walk in. At Main Library, a woman spent 30 minutes of their time to make sure information was understood.
  • Help that is received is step by step, that doesn’t happen as much now in some places. This shows where the library is headed.
  • Reading down fines system, appreciative of director helping remedy problem of children with high fines, which prevents them from being able to use computers and check out materials. The reading down system helps get children back in the library. Kids need to be in library, regardless of book or computer use.
  • Received outstanding help from Beatties Ford Road and Freedom Regional staff to coordinate an event.
  • Freedom Regional meeting space is a very positive space for community. It serves as a hub for outward communication.

Join in the conversation. Tell us about a library experience that you particularly value or cherish by leaving a comment.


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