Book Lust with Nancy Pearl

Nancy Pearl Signing Books and Her Librarian Action Figure

Nancy Pearl Signing Books and Her Librarian Action Figure for Novello Attendees

Here’s what I learned this afternoon about Nancy Pearl:

  • One of her best friends is Wade, the UPS delivery guy who until her recent move delivered about 100 books a week to her home
  • She’s got a thing about loafers with tassels
  • She still checks out books from the library, even though a lot of publishers send her books to review
  • She clearly and personally remembers why libraries and librarians matter so much to children and has, I’m positive, gone on to impact the lives of so many youngsters (and adults) just like Ms. Whitehead did for her when she was growing up in Detroit.

Nancy doesn’t think she’s great at small talk — but the crowd at today’s Novello Festival of Reading event was clearly listening to every word she said. In fact, most of us had pen and paper out to quickly catch all the titles and authors she mentioned to us this afternoon.

Want to know just a few a her recommendations from today? Lee Child if you like to read thrillers; The Paperboy by Pete Dexter; Sunshine by Robin McKinley; I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith; and Andersonsville by MacKinlay Kantor for Civil War history buffs. 

For more great insights from Nancy Pearl — a person whose knowlegde of and love for books is unmatched — you need to check out one of her books. Book Lust, More Book Lust and Book Crush are waiting for you at the public library.  We would love to introduce you to a few great books.


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