Library use booming during economic downturn


If you picked up a copy of today’s Charlotte Observer, you may have seen a guest editorial by Library Director Charles Brown discussing the important role libraries play during tough economic times. If you missed it, you can read a pdf of the article .

Do you have a story to share about how how libraries have impacted you or someone you know during a difficult economic situation? Post your comments — we’d love to hear from you. Or join us at the upcoming Coffee and Conversation on January 5 (see post below).


4 Responses to “Library use booming during economic downturn”

  1. Andy Lawler Says:

    It was interesting to read the op/ed about all the services the library is trying to provide in these troubled times. I wish it didn’t forget it is a library. The vast majority of Charlotteans patronize the library for the lending of books, and each year it seems to take longer for the library to purchase new books when they become available. Fewer books seem to be purchased as well.

    New computers and literacy classes are great, but I believe if the library continues to deemphasize its primary mission, as a place that lends books, it will go the way of the United Way, and lose the support of the taxpayers who patronize it for those books.

  2. Matthew Says:

    This is good to hear. I read the article via your link, thank you for posting it. I hope in the future you can always link to PLCMC articles in the newspaper (I don’t subscribe). I certainly have been going to the library this year more than ever. I owe a lot to Wowbrary ( ) for that. Who knew you guys added so much to your inventory week after week? Most people would have no idea if it wasn’t for Wowbrary (If anyone hasn’t checked it out, please sign up there… it’s free, and it updates you on all the new releases at PLCMC).

    I’ve found it much easier to rent CD’s from the library rather than outright buying them like I used to (Usually only purchasing those of my favorite artists)… turns out most current music releases are absolutely awful. Being able to do that, among other things have saved me tons of money – money that is becoming increasingly scarce this year. It’s always good to see that PLCMC keeps up with new releases of not only music, but DVD’s and books as well.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Ah, I like this week’s newspaper article better. It talks about the “floating” program that PLCMC is doing, moving materials between libraries to keep supplies fresh. I certainly have never experienced it, nothing ever changes at Cornelius, North County and Mount Holly, but it sounds neato.

    Hopefully you can institute the program soon.

    • Sarah Poole Says:

      Thanks for your comments, everyone. I’m glad that Wowbrary, the music CD collection and our new process of “floating” the collections, are encouraging use of the many free resources offered in libraries. And we’ve taken note of the comments about our collections as well. Your feedback is appreciated.

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