Library reports options to trustees


At a special called meeting yesterday (Feb. 26) held at Main Library, options for possible budget cuts were presented to the public libary board of trustees. Charlotte Observer reporter April Bethea filed this online report this morning.


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  1. Matthew Says:

    So has a date been set for the decisions to be made, or is it up to the individual branches to decide? I can’t determine that from reading the article.

    I don’t know if patron feedback on the options is wanted, but the things I see that could be cut out or trimmed thoroughly would be Novello (Sure, it’s a massive program that a lot of effort is put into, but to me it doesn’t say “Go to your local library”. It just says “We spent a lot of money to have lesser-known & local authors come talk”. That is just my perspective on it… I haven’t been an active visitor to it) and Sunday service.

    I don’t think anyone would be too angry if you didn’t open on Sundays. Since you’re open for shorter hours on Sunday already anyway…

    I do not like the sound of lessening the inventory spending in the coming year. With Wowbrary ( ), I’ve been very pleased to find out the amount of items that are being added to the service weekly… if that rate decreases, it may get to the point of where there is no reason to go, because you’ve read all that PLCMC has on the subjects you like.

    Trim everything else down, and get back to basics… the way the library used to be. At least until business and the economy improves.

  2. Sarah Poole Says:


    We always appreciate customer feedback, and thank you for taking the time to comment. (I personally enjoy the dialog with you.)

    To answer your question about a decision date, we at the Library will know more about the funding situation in May, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone apprised of service impacts this may have.

    I appreciate your comments about organizational priorities. All of our services are being closely scrutinized right now, and we’re making some tough choices about what we offer. We’re also working on fine-tuning our workforce development offerings, like free computer classes and job searching workshops, to better meet the needs of customers who are coming to us for job help.

    And thank you for sharing your thoughts about Novello. While Novello isn’t paid for by taxpayer dollars (it’s largely supported by corporate sponsorships, gifts and other sources of funding), it might be one of the offerings that we need to eliminate in 2009. We’re still discussing all of the options, but please know that we’re taking a hard look at everything we do right now and weighing it against the current economic climate. Customer feedback helps.

    I’m so glad you enjoy Wowbrary. It’s a pretty neat tool, isn’t it?

    Again, thanks for your thoughts, Matthew. Good to hear from you.


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