Library works with Mecklenburg County on budget scenarios


Businesses and organizations across the country are feeling the impact of the current economic recession, and Mecklenburg County government agencies are no exception. PLCMC, which received approximately 91% of its funding from Mecklenburg County this year, is working with County Manager Harry Jones to address projected budget shortfalls both this fiscal year, ending June 30, 2009, and next fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2009.

The Library has already identified $750,000 in reductions from this year’s budget, including a substantial cut to the books and materials budget. This may mean fewer copies of some books and audiovisual items, longer wait times for popular items, and the discontinuation of some online resources.

In addition, the Library was asked by Mecklenburg County to submit budget reduction scenarios of 5%-20% for next fiscal year, which begins July 1. Recently, Library Director Charles Brown was interviewed by News 14’s Rob Boisvert about the impact a 20% reduction in County funding would have on the Library and the customers we serve. (Watch the interview.) As Charles Brown mentions in the interview, the impacts of a 20% reduction would be significant, and would mean both layoffs and reduced hours of service at all library branches. We won’t know the results of County funding decisions until later in the spring, but we will work to keep our customers informed about possible service impacts as we move through the process.

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Listen Online

Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones joins Mike Collins on WFAE’s radio program “Charlotte Talks” to discuss the budget for Mecklenburg County. Jones talks about how the current economy is affecting the budget and about some of the cuts in county funding, including those for Public Libraries. (Listen to the interview.)


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