Are you a “power user” of the library? (We hope so.)


April 12 marks the launch of National Library Week, and this year, with so many people feeling the impact of the economic recession, we at the library want to reach out and urge people of all ages to harness the power of libraries to help in their day-to-day lives.

Read about the library’s public awareness efforts during National Library Week and share your thoughts on what it means to be a POWER USER by leaving a comment on this blog.

This teen visitor to PLCMC's Cornelius branch has the right idea.

This teen visitor to PLCMC's Cornelius branch has the right idea.


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One Response to “Are you a “power user” of the library? (We hope so.)”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Over the past few years, I’ve definitely found myself becoming a power user of the library. Thanks to technology advances, nothing’s better than being able to search instantly for any item in the library without any extra effort using the provided Plugins. I use this the most… whenever I think of something I’ve been meaning to check out, boom, I hit that magnifying glass and I’m placing a hold in less than 20 seconds 🙂

    I also really love the “Ask a librarian” feature of PLCMC. Everyone should try this sometime. I’ve mostly used it for questions about the library (Like, “What does TRACE mean exactly?”), and found it to be much more effective than emailing plcmc and waiting several days for a reply (And many times not getting one at all… I’m talking to you Mountain Island Branch). Anytime I’ve used it, I’ve gotten a response in less than a minute!

    I’ve come to realize that I spend a ton of time either returning items or picking them up… it’s become an afternoon ritual – and I suppose it’s a good one to have.

    On the main PLCMC page, I think you should have a Wowbrary link under the “Be a Power User” banners. Nothing makes you more of a power user than anticipating the weekly updates 😉

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