New page lets you follow along with library building projects


A new page entitled Library Building Projects is now available on the library’s web site This page lets you follow along with library construction, including renovations and new construction.

While the economic climate has affected many library building projects, construction continues on a new Hickory Grove branch library, and you can view photos of the continuing progress from this page. This new library received funding for land and construction many years ago, and is desperately needed to meet the needs of growing community surrounding it. The new building will replace the small, strip mall library branch on W.T. Harris Blvd., and is scheduled for completion in 2010.

How does the library make decisions on when and where to build or renovate libraries? Decisions for major capital projects are guided by the Library’s Ten-Year Facilities Master Plan, which is informed by a comprehensive study of trends, community growth and feedback from YOU — our library users. As you can see, the projects on the Building Projects page are in various phases of development from early planning to actual construction. Many of these projects may not be completed for several years, but by planning far into the future, we can create facilities that will meet the needs of future citizens.



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  1. Matthew Says:

    Interesting page… I’m bookmarking that. I like seeing the plans behind the projects.

    The one that’s also surprising to me is “Scaleybark Branch Library – Replacement”. I’ve only been there once, but it makes me wonder what would be done… it’s a big parking lot (Not easy to enter off of South Blvd. though, due to the different asphalt heights), I suppose it could be a bigger building. Other than that, I didn’t find too much wrong with it.

  2. Sarah Poole Says:

    Matthew, that’s an excellent question about Scaleybark — I’m glad you asked it.

    The library leases the current building and our lease expires in December 2009. Discussions with Crosland (the owner of the Scaleybark Library building and land) indicate that they will redevelop the Crosland Corporate Center in the next five years, and because PLCMC leases the current Scaleybark location, we have no discretion in what may occur with the current building. The current building’s lease ends 12/09 with the prospect of renewal on a month-to-month basis possible, but that is not guaranteed.

    The proposal is to replace the existing Scaleybark Branch Library with a new, larger facility located within the Scaleybark LRT Station, at the corner of Scaleybark and South Blvd. The size of the existing facility limits all significant program elements such as books, reader seats, public access computers and meeting room space. A larger facility would offer more room for these highly desirable customer services.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Very cool, Sarah. Thanks for adding that info to the “Library Bulding…” page too. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot bigger!

    I will be sure to keep up to date with that.

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