Summer Hours: July 5 – Sept. 6


In response to the Board of County Commissioners’ vote June 16 to cut the Library’s funding by 10% for the upcoming fiscal year, the Library is instituting “Summer Hours” beginning Sunday, July 5. All branches will be closed on Sundays through Sunday, September 6, and normal Sunday operations will resume on Sunday, September 13. Since most of our 24 branches already are closed on Sundays, the branches affected by this change are:

We understand that this will be quite a change for some of our customers. Here are some answers to a few of the questions you may have:

Why are we having Summer Hours?
The Library needed to reduce hours of operation to save money. The Library received less funding from Mecklenburg County this year due to the current economic situation.

Are the changes permanent?
No. The changes are for the summer only. Normal Sunday hours will resume September 13. The decision was made to close on Sundays for the summer only because this will have the least impact on the most customers, since school is out of session during this time.

Will we be doing this every summer?
We don’t know. The changes are being made this summer in response to the current economic and budget situation, and it’s too early to say what the situation will be next year.

As always, some library services will continue to be available around-the-clock, including the library’s 24-hour book drops, online account access and catalog searching at, and the library’s automated telephone renewal line at (704) 416-7363. We thank you for your understanding!

The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County


2 Responses to “Summer Hours: July 5 – Sept. 6”

  1. Matthew Says:

    This is off topic, but something that’s been bothering me (And you should have made a blog post about, considering the ramifications).

    “An unexpected file corruption on 7/1/09 resulted in the saved book lists of our customers being deleted. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to restore the ability to create lists in a sustainable way.”

    I don’t know how many people used Lists, but they were very important to me. I lost 75-100 titles that I had saved, thanks to the “file corruption”. This is unacceptable. In January, I emailed myself one of my lists… at the time I only had 50 titles, so those are safe… however, like I said, 75 to 100 MORE are now gone, and there is no chance in the world that I’ll remember anything I put in those lists.

    I can never trust PLCMC to save my data again, even if you do somehow bring the lists feature back… I’m surprised all of my library holds weren’t deleted in the process.

    Now I’ve got some convoluted bookmarking system to save individual pages off of the site. You have to take better care of something people put so much work into, otherwise you anger everyone.

    I’m betting it had something to do with this (Though I can’t be sure because I don’t work at the library): “© 2001-2004 Dynix”. If the software hasn’t been updated in that long, no wonder it suddenly broke.

  2. Sarah Poole Says:

    Matthew, I appreciate your feedback, and I regret that your saved lists were lost. This issue was very upsetting to us, too. When it happened, we immediately began exploring better options.

    On Monday, the library will be launching a new version of the catalog, which aims to address customer requests for an easier-to-use catalog with better features.

    One of the new personalized features of the catalog will be a tool called “My Discoveries”, which lets users rate items, write reviews, create lists and apply subject tags to items. This content can be kept private or shown to other users. I encourage you to give My Discoveries a try when the new catalog launches on Monday, and let us know what you think. I’ll be making a post about the new catalog this afternoon.

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