Enhanced catalog to debut Monday, August 10


Finding what you’re looking for at the library will soon get easier. No, the shelves aren’t changing. Instead, the Library will soon be offering customers a better way to search for items with a new and improved catalog interface. The new catalog, powered by Aquabrowser, debuts to the public on Monday, August 10, and aims to address customer requests for an easier-to-use catalog with more personalized features.

One of the new personalized features of the catalog will be a tool called “My Discoveries”, which lets users rate items, write reviews, create lists and apply subject tags to items. This content can be kept private or shown to other users.

The new catalog has many other benefits, including a large text version for customers with low vision, and a Spanish-language version. But the biggest enhancement is in how users can find things. The enhanced catalog lets you not only find results that match what you’ve typed in, but it will also present relevant alternatives, and help customers easily refine their search.

On August 10, the catalog will be accessible online at http://www.plcmc.org or from within libraries. To see some of the new features in action, a series of short, guided tour videos will be available on the enhanced catalog page, and library staff will also be available to help. Customers will still have the option to use the old catalog interface by clicking the “Classic Catalog” link at the top of the page.



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  1. Matthew Says:

    Glad to hear that. I recently saw the AquaBrowser link somewhere on the PLCMC website, but it didn’t seem to do anything when I clicked it.

    I just hope are lists are safer this time around w/ Aquabrowser… that’s all that matters to me, now that I know how much of a hassle it can be to lose everything.

    I look forward to the new customization as well… the online catalog was feeling dated (Such as when you reach page 15 of search results, and you can only get error messages, for example), and obviously unstable.

    I use the catalog almost exclusively to place holds and find items I want to rent, so I will be using this frequently.

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