New Hickory Grove Library slated to open Feb. 6


For the past year, a 16,000-foot replacement for the current 5,100-foot Hickory Grove branch has been under construction across the street at 5935 Hickory Grove Road, near Food Lion. To prepare for the opening, the old branch will close three weeks before the opening of the new branch.

  • Jan. 16, 2010: Old branch closes so the books and materials can be moved to the new building.
  • Feb. 6, 2010: Grand opening of new Hickory Grove Library.

The new Hickory Grove library will feature a new computer lab, larger and improved meeting rooms for the community, and resources to encourage early childhood reading and school curriculum. The additional space will allow library staff to offer more programs for children, teens, and families when the new branch opens.

As part of the Library’s commitment to the construction of new libraries with environmentally friendly qualities, the new Hickory Grove branch will also be a LEED certified building, whose energy performance will be 17.5% better than a conventional building of its size. This sustainable design not only saves operational costs, it protects air quality, natural resources and water supply.

You can read more about the new library and the opening in a recent library news release:


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