Strategic Planning Draft Goals

PLCMC Strategic Planning Committee
October 2008
DRAFT Strategic Plan, 2009-2012


The Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County is…
Expanding minds
Empowering individuals
Enriching our community

System Strategic Priorities (SSPs)

A. Create opportunities for personal success in reading and learning for everyone
o Increase literacy for young children and non-English speakers
o Increase and improve educational support
B. Create relevant, vibrant, and customer-focused services
o Develop customer focused services
o The future of information services
o Improve current services to existing customers
C. Create facilities and websites that are preferred destinations
o Increase self-sufficiency and the intuitive use of the library
o Focus web development and technology offerings on customer-focused approach
D. Create opportunities for staff to find value in their contributions to our mission
o Improve internal communication
o Build employee competencies to support priority areas
E. Plan for the future of the Library
o Improve assessment of effectiveness and allocation of resources to the most desired/impactful areas
o Market library services
DRAFT Goals for 2009-2012

1. Provide Personal, Exceptional Service to Our Customers (supports SSP 2, SSP 3, SSP 4, SSP5)
A. Customers will benefit from the convenience of a new service model in all PLCMC locations, with basic services available from any service point.
o By September 2009, all PLCMC locations will fully implement Unified Services to provide basic library services from any service point/desk.
B. Customers will benefit from increased self-sufficiency options in our libraries, providing staff more time to address the growing needs of customers across a growing number of communication methods.
o By July 2010, the library system will streamline user processes to allow increasing self-sufficiency and convenience for customers.
o By December 2009, the library will develop a proposal for implementing radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging of all collections to allow ease of checkout and security, and present this proposal as part of the FY11 budget cycle.

2. Encourage the Love of Reading and Learning (supports SSP 1, SSP 2, SSP 3, SSP 4, SSP 5)
A. Residents who cannot read or who have reading challenges will benefit from the library’s targeted literacy efforts.
o By July 2009, the position of Lifelong Learning and Literacy Deputy Director will be in place; this position will coordinate the library’s learning and literacy efforts for all ages.
o By December 2009, the library will foster partnerships with community agencies that support literacy.
B. Library users of all ages will benefit from library programs that are cohesive and effectively promote the diverse collections of the library system.
o By December 2009, the library will develop a comprehensive approach to library programming for all ages.

3. Provide Accessible Services and Collections (supports SSP1, SSP 2, SSP 3, SSP 5)
A. Underserved and non-traditional library users in Mecklenburg County residents will benefit from expanded outreach and partnership efforts with other agencies. \
o By December 2009, PLCMC will explore new service models to reach underserved and non-traditional users, based on feedback from a randomized survey that includes library non-users. As part of the library’s strategy, we will identify community partnerships that will enable these new service models.
B. Residents with disabilities will benefit from the library’s expanded services and technologies that are welcoming and inclusive for all ages.
o By January 2010, the library will develop a plan for further expansion of services to residents to disabilities, with the goal of exceptional library experiences for all users.
C. Library users will benefit from access to an increasing number of digital resources that are available 24/7.
a. By September 2009, the library will develop a strategy for increasing the number of digital resources available for customers, including materials that are owned by the library system.

4. Create Cultural and Global Awareness (supports SSP 1, SSP 2, SSP 5)
A. The community will benefit from library services, programs, and collections that reflect the increasing diversity of the community.
o By March 2009, the library will form an International Advisory Committee of citizens to advise the library on services, programs, and collections that reflect global awareness and the diversity of cultures represented in the community.
B. Children will benefit from a multi-cultural center that celebrates diversity.
o By September 2009, the library will develop and implement a plan for a children’s center that celebrates cultures represented in the community.

5. Build, Renovate and Plan Exceptional Public Library Facilities (supports SSP 3, SSP 5)
A. The community will benefit from service excellence as we develop a plan for future facilities; renovate and expand existing libraries; and build new libraries.
o The library will complete the public library Facilities Master Plan for Mecklenburg County by Spring 2009. This plan will recommend renovations, expansions, and new library locations, with building and operational cost estimates, for the next 15 years.
o The library will complete the following facilities projects (for which funding has been secured) during the next three years:
 Myers Park Library renovation/expansion by January 2009.
 Roof replacement at Independence Regional Library by June 2009.
 Hickory Grove Library replacement by March 2010.
 Beatties Ford Road Library renovation/expansion by April 2010.
 Scaleybark Library replacement by July 2011.
 Carmel replacement by July 2011.
B. The community will view our facilities as premiere locations; to that end, we will schedule adequate routine facility maintenance to ensure that facilities are clean, safe, updated, and desirable to Mecklenburg County residents.
o PLCMC’s libraries are among the most visible and heavily used services supported by Mecklenburg County. In order to properly maintain buildings, we will work with Mecklenburg County to develop and fund a formula for annual maintenance of facilities.

6. Communicate the Impact/Tell Our Story (supports SSP 3, SSP 4, SSP 5)
A. All residents will benefit from greater visibility of the library throughout Mecklenburg County.
o By December 2009, the library will develop a marketing and communication plan that builds on the library brand and ties return on investment (ROI) and stories of impact to the library.
o By July 2010, the library will implement an initiative that will better identify the library system, our facilities, and our websites.
o By July 2010, staff will be increasingly engaged in community organizations throughout Mecklenburg County.
B. The community will benefit from a greater understanding of the value and impact of library services in Mecklenburg County.
o By December 2009, the library will conduct a return on investment (ROI) study of the value of public library services.
o By July 2010, the library will investigate and implement new ways of gathering stories of impact from the public, and find ways to share these stories throughout the community.
C. The business community will recognize the Library as a critical component of the region’s knowledge and economic infrastructure.
o By December 2010, the library will develop and implement a plan for expanded outreach to the business community.
o By July 2011, businesses surveyed will indicate that the library is a valuable source for business information and recognize the library’s contributions to economic development.


One Response to “Strategic Planning Draft Goals”

  1. Robert May Says:

    I do not see any goal for adequate funding of the Library’s materials budget. In the last strategic plan (2005-2008), there was a specific goal for adding about $2,000,000 to the materials budget to bring PLCMC up closer to peer libraries in the US with a numerical goal of $6 per capita. That plan also stated that the average library sytem in PLCMC’s peer group spent around 15% of its budget on materials, but PLCMC only spent 11.1% in 2005. From what I can gather from current budget information, the PLCMC materials budget has hardly gone up at all in the last three years, and the percentage of operating budget expenditures for materials has gone down below 9%. I think this issue deserves significant attention in the new strategic plan. The adequacy of the Library’s materials budget, which I understand includes all hard copy print, digital,
    and audio visual material, should be one significant measure of the Library’s ability to serve it’s community.

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