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Largest single gift of books in Library’s 104-year history

October 7, 2009

Sophie Greenfield and her sons.

Sophie Greenfield and her sons.

“I just hope I have enough time to read them all.”

That’s what Sophie Bruckner Greenfield told her sons Russell and Michael, referring to her personal collection of more than 20,000 books.

Sophie Greenfield died August 29, 2008. Knowing that’s what their mother would have wanted Russell and Michael recently gave the Public Library her entire collection. It is the largest single gift of books in the Library’s 104 year history. (more…)


What is Your Vision of the Library of the Future? Scenario B

July 23, 2008

Scenario B is one of the scenarios discussed at the focus groups for the library’s planning process. This scenario is very centered about books and reading, and is intended to help begin discussion about what participants want for the future of the library. If you click “Read the rest of this entry…” below you can read the comments from the focus groups held at North County Regional Library (7/16/08, in Huntersville) and at Freedom Regional Library (7/19/08, in Charlotte) about this scenario.

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts about what seems likely or desirable in this scenario, what is unlikely or undesirable, and what is missing that you would like in the library of the future? Leave a comment to join in the conversation.

Also, check out Scenario A, which paints a very different possible future, and give us your feedback.